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121 Counselling

121 Counselling is a confidential therapeutic space where you can safely discuss areas of difficulty and distress. Sarah works collaboratively with clients to explore and resolve identified concerns.

Sarah is a qualified counsellor and psychoanalyst in formation, with extensive experience working with survivors of childhood institutional abuse.

Sarah concurrenlty provides trauma-informed counselling and Redress consultancy at Tuart Place, the Western Australian resource for adults who were in any type of out-of-home care during childhood, including foster care and children's homes. Sarah's background includes crisis support and intervention at the Commonwealth Respite & Carelink, Commonwealth Carers Program and several multicultural psycho-geriatric care facilities in Western Australia.

Working from an integrated counselling framework, Sarah utilises a wide range of modalities such as trauma counselling, grief and loss counselling and family systems therapy.  

Sarah's practice is informed by psychoanalysis, and she is currently engaged in training in the Lacanian orientation. 

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Practice Areas

Please contact 121 Counselling to discuss your individual concerns.

Older Adult Mental Health
and care-planning

Addressing concerns such as situational, health and career changes. Provision of care planning for those experiencing or caring for a person with health issues such as Alzheimer's or Dementia.
Suicide and self-harm prevention
Conducting risk assessments, developing safety care plans and where necessary, working with allied health care providers to prevent risk of suicide and self-harm. 
Grief Counselling
Identifying different types of grief, which can stem from a wide range of circumstances, such as bereavement and loss,  changes to health and career, or loss of stability. Collaborating with clients to identify complicated grief and how it impacts their present lives. 
Stress Management
Exploration of the individual's response to the many unexpected and distressing events which have emerged in recent times. These include geopolitical conflicts, environmental changes, and Covid-19. Counselling interventions include reality therapy and solution focused-therapy. 
Integrated Counselling
In addition to the counselling modalities and issues mentioned, Sarah provides integrated counselling strategies for coping with anger, depression, anxiety, separation and other sources of distress and concern. Integrated counselling strategies include person-centred therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy and transactional analysis, amongst others.  ​
Psycho-sexual therapy
Exploration of self-esteem issues, interpersonal relationships, how to implement healthy boundaries, and how to develop clear communication skills. Referrals to allied health providers for medical concerns when required. 
Substance Abuse
Utilising an integrated model of counselling, which includes relapse prevention, referrals, and improving functional living skills. 
Assessment and referrals
Working with outreach and advocacy groups to improve psycho-social and mental health.